How to self-publish a children’s picture book, 1:1 Consult, 1 HOUR

Have you always dreamed of writing a children’s book?

Do you want to self-publish a children’s picture book but don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you want to know what publishing options are available to you, such as traditional publishing houses, indie publishers, hybrid/partnership publishing, or self-publishing?

Do you want to know the practical steps to get your book produced and in the hands of happy little readers?


Before you take a step further, speak to me, Kezia Brett. I started my own publishing imprint, Fierce Grace Publishing, to create my debut picture book ‘From Above the Clouds’.

Self-publishing is not for everyone. I’ll tell you everything I know and help you decide if it’s the right publishing path for you.


Read on for more information.




I will arm you with a realistic expectation of what is required to successfully self-publish a children’s picture book. You will also learn the common pitfalls and challenges.

We will get through as much as we can in the allocated consult time. I’ll answer any questions you have including questions on:

Your publishing options
Working with an illustrator
Picture book specifications
Selling books in Australia and internationally

Equipped with this information, you will be on your way to producing an amazing book that you can be proud of!

Or, you may decide that you no longer want to self-publish a children’s picture book. This is also a great outcome! Better to know this before you have invested your hand earned cash and time.

There is a lot to discuss so if you think you’ll need more time, book in for a two hour consult. You’ll receive a discount on the hourly rate plus you’ll get a special BONUS – my Budgeting Template, which will help you do the important financials before you start.



I wish before I started my own self-publishing journey that I could have met with someone who had already done it. I would have saved myself a lot of time and money!

I found that while there is a lot of information available on self-publishing, there is little synthesised information on the practicalities of self-publishing a children’s picture book in Australia (printed and/or ebook). That is, what are the practical steps to turn your manuscript into an illustrated book in your hands (and better still, in the hands of readers.)

There are so many steps required — that is why there is a whole publishing house behind most books — yet the effort can be worth it.

Figuring it all out on my own was time consuming and risky. It took a lot of pain-staking research and trial and error. Luckily for me, the risk paid off and I ended up with a book that I am proud of.

I did the research so you don’t have to. Let’s have a chat and I tell you everything I learned along with way.



Once you have purchased your consult, I will send you an email to arrange a convenient time to meet.
We will then meet virtually or over the phone.
If you wish, prior to our meeting, you can send me your manuscript. I do not provide feedback or assessment of any sort; rather reading your manuscript helps me to understand what your vision is for your book.


Not sure if the consult is right for you? Get in touch at




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