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Started by author, Kezia Brett, Fierce Grace Publishing is the boutique publisher behind children’s picture book ‘From Above the Clouds.’

We love beautifully illustrated books that are cheeky, whimsical and wise.

Spiritual leader Ram Das first coined the term ‘Fierce Grace’. When Ram Das experienced a stroke, he reframed this experienced as a ‘fierce grace’. His physical limitations became a tool for transformation.

At Fierce Grace Publishing, we love this phase as a reminder of the personal growth that comes from challenging circumstances. It reminds us to view the obstacles that life throws our way as an opportunity for learning, expansion and grace.

Grace is the name of the girl in ‘From Above the Clouds’. Like her namesake, Grace overcomes insurmountable odds with ‘fierce grace.’ We hope young readers will be inspired by her journey.

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Wholesale orders

Book/gift retailers can order directly from Fierce Grace Publishing. We currently supply a number of local shops and businesses.

Libraries and schools can order directly from Fierce Grace Publishing or from our library distributors, ALS Library Services, James Bennett, DLS Library Services and Readings.

We offer competitive terms, quick turnaround and quality service.

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